Sunday, April 15, 2012

Our little girl

Luke made a statement tonight.  He said we dont have a baby anymore, we have a little girl.  And he is quite right.  I think the fact would have been a bit harder to accept if we didn't have such a strong breastfeeding bond.  She still feeds many times day and night.  Often during the day if she gets hurt or feels upset she will come to me asking in her sweet little voice "dink, peez mamma" and within a matter of a few sucks her tears are gone and she's like a new person.  I still 'feed' her to sleep naptime and bedtime at night and it is such a very special time for us both.  We chat a bit then lie down looking into each others eyes, me caressing her hair and her feeling the warmth, security, comfort and closeness of me and then she peacefully drifts off to sleep.  We co-sleep so if she wakes during the night I am right there next to her and she immediately falls asleep being comforted by breastfeeding.  Sometimes she doesn't even have to feed even if she can just feel my skin it settles her immediately.  I wouldn't replace this bond and experience for anything!

Although she isn't a baby anymore we are enjoying this age as much as we will enjoy her at every age... she is so adorable and does and says the cutest things. 

Finally our little girl's hair is long enough for a pony tail and to put cute clips in :)

She is 22 month and is definitely ready for potty training.  I have noticed this for a while now but wanted to make 100% sure that she was fully ready before starting.  I went through a long checklist the other day for potty training readiness and she met every requirement.  We started potty training yesterday.  We clapped hands like crazy each time she sat on the potty even if she didn't do anything in it and she is so excited about all the praise.  By the evening I had already put her nappy on for the night and while we were in the lounge she came charging out the room ripping her nappy off as she ran and went straight to the potty to make the last few drops of her wee in it.  She felt herself weeing in her nappy and immediately made the connection.  I am so proud of my little girl :)

Reading a book on the potty :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Rosebud's First Easter Hunt

Some random moments from March/April 2012...

Playing Rummicub with Gran Gran

Spending time with Great Granny Pam

Matching cushions that I sewed for Rosebud and Brother

A new summer dress for Rosebud sewed with love by me :)

Getting ready for an Easter hunt at Gran and Duncan

Settling down for a picnic with her newly hunted stash

Watching Brother hunt