Monday, December 13, 2010

My little Rosebud

Rosebud is 6 months old!

She is having so much fun now that she's starting to sit on her own.  She loves the new position of the play gym...

My brave girl reaching out for a toy (and she managed to keep her balance)...

At five and a half months Rosebud was ready to start solids.  She's been introduced to rice cereal, butternut, sweet potato, apple and banana and she welcomes all food with enthusiasm :)  Today her gums were  a bit itchy so when Andy and I were having some fruit for our morning snack I put some in her no-choke-mesh-snack holder and she loved sucking the juice out and feeling the soothing cold fruit on her gums.  Whoever invented these mesh food holders is a genius! I used to use one all the time for Andy as well until he could eat a chunk of food without choking.  This one is extra nice cause it comes with a lid that covers the mesh bag.

Happy half a year birthday Rosebud! :)

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