Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Rosebud's first holiday!

We went camping before this but I'll record this as her first proper holiday (cause let's face it, camping is rather uncomfortable when you're a baby... and a Mommy) :-)

We went to Paternoster on the West Coast and stayed in a cottage with Jude, Gro and Frida (Jane's Uncle, Aunt and 4 month old cousin) and Rachel and Andrea (Aunt and Uncle).

She LOVED relaxing on the sunbeds on the porch overlooking the beach...

There were two bathrooms but both only had showers so Rosebud had to 'bath' in the washbasin.  I had to bath her twice almost every day because of all the sand.  At one stage she even had sand up her nose (on a very windy day).

Rosebud on the beach for the first time...

Picking up her very first shell!  I kept it and put it in her memory box :-)

Exploring the sand...

What fun!!!

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