Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My little Rosebud

8 months old...

Jane loves grass.  She's fascinated by it!  She's scooting on her bottom but hates being on her all fours so I just leave her in the sitting position and she'll eventually find her way into the crawling position by herself.  The above picture illustrates how she gets around.  She started off in the sitting position in the hollow of the u shaped cushion in the middle of the blanket and worked her way scooting on her bottom to the edge so she could get to the grass :-)

She's eating quite a variety of fresh fruit and steamed veggies, fish, meat and chicken.  Here is an example of how I prepare her meals...

I steam her veggies and fish, meat or chicken in a bamboo steamer (steaming locks in all the nutrients as apposed to boiling where you drain a lot of the nutrients away in the boiling water)...

Then I puree it and freeze it in an ice cube tray keeping some aside for her supper.  Once they're frozen I put them in a freezer bag and label them with what it is and the date it was made.

For breakfast and lunch she has fresh pureed fruit e.g. banana, mango, peach, etc. 

She always wants to get her hands into something gooey but I don't want her to get dirt or something on her hands that she'll put into her mouth so I set her in her highchair (of coarse forgetting to put a bib on) with a bowl of mashed banana and she HAD A BALL without me having to worry about her hands going into her mouth.

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