Wednesday, March 7, 2012

February 2012 (20 months old)

Here are some of Rosebuds adventures...

Bathed and dressed in her adorable nightgown and ready to visit Granny.

Nature Study with Andy

Having one of many daily cuddles

Early risers camp out in the lounge while Mommy has her quiet time

Looking up to her hero

Enjoying an ice lolly at Granny's place

Enjoying morning Homeschool time

A morning fruit picnic in the lounge (bad weather doesn't stop us from having a picnic)

Rosebud loves dressing up in anything she can lay her hands on

Playing Dolly

Enjoying an outing with family at Kirstenbosch Gardens

At the big tree that Mommy and Daddy played in when they were little. It recently got split by lightning in a storm.

Cuddling up with Daddy

Tea time with homemade goodies

Funny face meals
Dressing up with the boys
Time at the beach (Rosebud's favourite place) with Gran
On a Homeschool Group outing touring sumarines, playing in the sea and taking the train.
Having a giggle
More time with Gran at the beach

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