Monday, August 2, 2010

A day in the life of...

My eldest sister and I had a good laugh over the life of a mother. A typical scenario would be my 30 minutes appointment at the Gynea yesterday.

I needed to go to the Gynecologist for my six weeks checkup so here's how it went...
I got up almost at the crack of dawn and started with the housework and washing for the day in between keeping two kids happy by changing nappies, feeding, bathing and exclaiming with shouts of joy and admiration over a proudly built lego tower. After a few hours of this we're finally ready to go so before setting a foot out the door I do the whole nappy changing, feeding thing again and as we step out the door I wipe the sour milk vomit off our clothes that can't be changed now cause then we'll be late so I thank my lucky stars that Jane's breastfed and her vomit doesn't smell.

Buckle two kids into the car and off we go to pick my sister and her two girls up. Drive 45 minutes to my Mom's house (realizing on the way that I forgot the dummy at home). Drop everyone off at said house, feed Jane and head off for a peaceful 5 minute drive to the hospital for my appointment.

After lunch and some visiting I do the whole nappy changing, feeding, dropping sister off, unloading kids out of car, feeding, nappy changing, rest of housework and washing and there you have an half an hour appointment at the Gynea all done.

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