Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Baby Wrap (my favourite thing)

The kids and I attend a Fun With Mum playgroup and when we were there last week I saw two moms with 7 week old babies in this gorgeous Baby Wrap.  I instantly fell in love with the comfortable look and the beautiful, deep hug your baby gets when you wear her.  So I just HAD TO have one.  I got the info from one of the moms and contacted Emma, who makes them (one of the sweetest Mommies I've ever met).  Here is her website.

She lives close to us so I picked my wrap up the other day and have worn it ever since.  I put it on in the morning when we wake up and take it off in the evening when we go to bed.  When Jane is awake I carry her facing forwards so she can see everything that's going on (and the mischief her brother gets up to) and when it's nap time I 'hug' her facing towards me but my hands are free to see to Andy and the housework.  She is so content and only starts getting niggly when it's time to feed.

Before this I used a great sling that I used when Andy was little as well but I found after more than 2 hours of wearing it the straps and buckles started working on my back.  With this material wrap all I feel is soft fabric and my baby's little arms hugging me.

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  1. You look so beautiful Celiah Ann, and that looks like a comfortable sling :-)